Tuesday, 6 July 2010

V Magazine #66/The Sexy Body Issue Cover+Interview from V Magazine Spain #05

scan by dicky.89 @ tFS

Derek Blasberg interviewed Natasha from V Spain #05 translated by dicky.89 @ tFS

DB What is your first thing when i say word "sexy"?
NP Attraction, mistery, passion and security

DB Who is the sexiest woman you know?
NP Penélope Cruz. Is all i define when "sexy"

DB Who is the sexiest man you know?
NP Crearly , Johnny Depp.A classic.

DB In your life. How you feel the sexiest?
NP If anything has made me become a model is feel good with myself.Therefore, now I feel the sexiest

DB What is your definition of sexy? it's only physic?
NP Being sexy is not just a physical issue, also mental. Your secury incremented with your physical attraction.

DB Some say that teaching the body is sexy. Others say leave it to the imagination is sexy. What do you think?
NP Is more sexy leave it to the imagination.

DB What is the sexiest piece of your wardrobe?
NP High heels and red lipstick for a hot passionate night with my boyfriend.

DB If you had to say the sexiest designer, Who would it be?
NP Azzedine Alaïa. He really knows how to understand the woman's body. I always feel sexy when I'm wearing something of Alaïa.

DB It can be any sexier?
NP Of course. Anyone can be sexy. It is something natural human.

DB If someone were to give tips on being sexy, What advice would you give?
NP I know you, you must make sure your body and have fun with him.

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