Wednesday, 21 January 2009

An interview during New York Fashion Week (old)

Your favorite clothes this week:

I love so many of the designers but this week especially Narciso Rodriguez.
What’s the earliest you got up this week?
6:00AM for a show
What’s the latest you stayed up this week?
I finished some fittings at 3:00AM.
Which has been your favorite “hair” all week?
It was at Roland Mouret.
And makeup?
All the makeup this week has been very simple and fresh which I really like.
What do you do to pass the time while waiting for shows?
I listen to Russian pop music. The music is just OK, but I love the lyrics. It’s nice to hear the Russian words. Sometimes I give it to one of my Russian model friends so they can listen. I also play Solitaire on my iPod.
What do you carry in your bag?
Besides my iPod, during show week I carry makeup remover, some money, lip balm, gloves, my ID, face cream and my Sony Cybershot (it’s a really good camera).
What do you wear to the shows?
I like dresses and boots. (Today, Natasha’s wearing a Tuleh dress, Costume National boots and carrying a YSL bag, tres chic!)
What’s your favorite thing about NY fashion week?
It’s the first city of the shows so I get to see all my friends who I haven’t seen in a while. We’re always so busy traveling so it’s great to be with them all week.
Who are some of your favorite model friends?
Marija, Hana, Caroline T, Eugenia V (we roomed together in Paris). But really I like all the girls and am always happy to see them.

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